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Andreas Åslund

Senior Research Scientist

I am an organic chemist with a MSc (2003), PhD (2009) and my first PostDoc from Linköping University. In 2013 me and my family came to Norway where I was hired as a post doc at NTNU. After 5 years at NTNU, I started at SINTEF in 2018. In SINTEF I primarily work within the field of medicine (human and animal), and then primarily (nano)formulation technology. Since 2021 I am a member of the executive board of European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine (ETPN).


MSc - organic chemistry - 2003, Linköping University, Sweden
PhD - organic chemistry- 2009 Linköping University, Sweden
Intensive course in dermatocosmetic Science - 2018 - Vrije University, Belgium

Competence and research areas

Currently we are working with several hard-to-formulate drug candidates, and we offer a wide variety of formulation strategies, such as lipid (e.g. nanostructured lipid carriers, NLCs, LNPs), polymers (acrylates, cyanoacrylates, PLGA, polyphosphazenes) and more. We have access to multiple different methods to produce the particles, such as microfluidics, ultrasound or microfluidizer. I am also performing biodistribution/ADME and toxicity/safety studies on small rodents.



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