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Department Gas technology

We are developing and implementing major research projects with the aim of applying the results in the use and management of gas for energy purposes. The department is coordinating BIGCCS, which is Norway’s largest centre for environmentally-friendly energy research (FME), and has a leading role in several EU FP7 projects within CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS).

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About department Gas technology

We are working with thermodynamics, flow phenomena, the analysis and optimisation of energy processes, and value chain analysis.

Our fields of application include research into the characteristics and behaviour of CO2 mixtures, the development of process equipment such as heat exchangers, CO2 transport, the liquefaction of natural gas (LNG), power generation involving carbon management, and CO2 and natural gas value chains.

The development and application of numerical models are vital to our research activities. We also develop advanced laboratory set-ups and carry out measurements. The interplay between model studies and experimental results provides a basis for new insight and knowledge.

The department is located in Kolbjørn Hejes road 1D

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Carbon Capture, Transport & Storage (CCS) is a series of technologies and processes designed to help mitigate climate change.



As a fuel, hydrogen is powerful enough to launch NASA’s space shuttles.

Climate-positive solutions

Climate-positive solutions

If we are to succeed with limiting the increase in global temperatures to 1.5°C, we need to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.