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Big Data

Big Data

In the future, data will be a key economic asset. The ability to manage and extract value from proprietary data will provide industry players with a competitive advantage, making these data key drivers of economic growth and job creation.

Similarly, demands on the public sector for the more efficient and smarter delivery of services to businesses and the general public will have to be met using data that reinforce and underpin the sector's choices and decisions. This is what Big Data is all about.

SINTEF, in its role as an interdisciplinary research institute, will be able to develop systems that generate high quality data – processed, cleansed, assembled and ready for analysis and visualisation. This role is essential for most future projects in our business portfolio. In other words, in tomorrow's SINTEF, Big Data management will become a fundamental and enabling skill.

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- These are fields in which Norway can lead the way

The Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (now NorwAI, formely known as CRAI) opens the way for widespread collaboration between industry and academia – an essential premise for the development of effective solutions.

Could a chatbot be your friend or romantic partner?

Researcher Marita Skjuve has been interviewing people who have a close relationship with a chatbot called Replika. Her conclusion is that such relationships offer value and meaning to the chatbot’s users, and can even be romantic.