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INTEND: Intent-based data operation in the computing continuum

The INTEND project will use cutting edge AI solutions to achieve automated operation of the computing continuum based on the intents of human stakeholders, creating a toolbox that continually learns how to adapt and orchestrate cloud and edge resources.

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ENFIELD is an EU-funded project that aims to enable the cognitive computing continuum, by using the recent breakthroughs in AI to bring human-like intelligence into the management of computing and network infrastructure. The project will create a toolbox consisting of 11 innovative software tools, revolving around three main pillars:

  • «Adapt» like a human: The AI-models employed in the toolbox will continually learn on their own how to use resources in the most effective way, and dynamically adapt.
  • Think like a human: The tools will make strategic decisions to orchestrate and adapt the continuum for various purposes, mimicking how the human brain makes decisions with multiple objectives in mind.
  • Talk» like a human: The framework will enable human stakeholders to interact with the software in a chat-like interface, where humans can express what they inted in natural language, and get information and explanations for the actions performed by the tools in accordance with the intents.

The project has five use cases from five different vertical sectors: Video streaming, machine data platform, 5G data infrastructure, urban dataspace and robotic AI. End-to-end data security and sustainability are high priority aspects of the tool development, and the project has a goal of 30 % reduction of cost and 20 % reduction of CO2 emissions for data processing in the long term.

SINTEF has the coordinating role of the INTEND project, and contributes with expertise in data pipelines and AI, particularly AI engineering and explainable AI.

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Project duration

2024 - 2026


European Union’s HORIZON Research and Innovation Programme

Cooperation partners

Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
Technische Universität Wien, Austria
Intel Deutschland GMBH, Germany
Dell EMC Information Systems International, Ireland
Onlim GMBH, Austria
Ericsson Magyarorszag Kommunikacios Rendszerek, Hungary
Ericsson AB, Sweden
CS-Group Romania, Romania
MOG Technologies, Portugal
FILL GMBH, Austria
Telenor ASA, Norway
GATE Institute Sofia University, Bulgaria
Seoul National University, Korea
AiM Future, Inc, Korea
Hanyang University, Korea

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