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Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox: MRST 2015a


MRST is an open-source toolbox developed to support research on computational methods in reservoir engineering and CO2 storage. Primarily, MRST consists of a large collection of extensible and efficient software libraries and data structures that you can use to design your own simulators or computational workflows. On top of this, however, we have built a large set of grey-box simulators and workflow tools you can use to study many of the worked reservoir engineering examples or modify to suit your own purposes. This includes standard black-oil reservoir simulators, tools for upscaling and grid coarsening, visualization and flow diagnostics, multiscale solvers, and special tools for modelling geological CO2 storage, to name a few. MRST is developed to be very flexible and most solvers and tools are, for instance, formulated to seamlessly work on all types of grids from simple 2D Cartesian grids, via industry-standard stratigraphic grids, to fully unstructured tetrahedral and polygonal grids.

To support rapid prototyping, demonstration and validation of new computational methods and workflow tools on models of industry-standard complexity, the toolbox offers powerful data structures and abstractions that enable you to implement algorithms without specific knowledge of the grid format and the flow equations. This includes, in particular, a fully unstructured grid format, discrete operators for averaging and spatial discretization, and use of automatic differentiation to avoid explicit implementation of derivatives of flow equations, fluid models and constitutive laws. By combining this with MATLAB's vectorization, one can void explicit loops and ensure that there is almost a 1-to-1 correspondence between the mathematical models and the code implementing them.

MRST can be freely downloaded and used under the GNU Public License version 3. Updated versions of the software are released biannually; highlights for the MRST 2015a release (from May 2015) include:

1) Incompressible solvers have been moved into a new module incomp to further trim down mrst-core.

2) Increased maturity and feature set of AD solvers, including support for boundary conditions, source terms and varying number of wells during a simulation.

3) Significantly expanded CO2 laboratory module containing new examples and solvers ported over to the new AD framework.

4) Improved plotting support. MRST now supports plotting directly to coarse grids.

5) A new multiscale module containing MsFV and MsRSB solvers for incompressible flow. This module is a preview of functionality we hope to extend in a future release.

6) A new module for creating well paths.

7) A new module for solving optimization problems using MRST-AD.

8) A new module for code examples from the MRST user guide.






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