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Use of batteries in distribution grids

Use of batteries in distribution grids

Test of batteries in the distribution grid as an alternative to grid upgrades to compensate for voltage variations and improve voltage quality.

According to Norwegian regulations the voltage at all connection points in the low voltage grid should be within +/- 10 % of the nominal voltage. Weak grids, integration of distributed generation and power consuming devices makes it challenging to comply with the voltage limits. Violation of voltage limits often triggers large investments in the grid. Use of batteries to compensate for variations in the voltage could reduce investment cost.

The objective of this pilot project is to test the use of batteries to mitigate voltage variations and other voltage quality phenomena in distribution grids.

Involved partners:

Contact industry: Siri Ravndal, Lyse Elnett 

This is a Pilot project in FME CINELDI. 



Published 05 April 2019
Research Scientist

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