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New solutions and technologies for heating of buildings with low heating demand: Stable heat release and distribution from batch combustion of wood.

Main objective:

The overall objective of this project is development of new strategies for improved heat production, storage and distribution from wood stoves and fireplaces through:

  • Improved combustion control by increased understanding of the batch combustion process
  • New heat storage solutions
  • New heat distribution solutions


  • Improved heat production concepts through improved combustion control (by increased understanding of the batch combustion process)
  • New or improved heat storage concepts by optimum material location and choice, including phase transition and change options, and through room integration
  • New or improved heat distribution concepts through optimum passive and active methods and through building integration
  • Education of highly skilled candidates within this area and training of industry partners
  • Monitoring of activities and state-of-the-art within this area and dissemination of knowledge

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StableWood is a Knowledge-building Project with User Involvement (KMB) co-funded by the Research Council of Norway in the RENERGI-programme.
The budget is 17.5 MNOK, and the duration is 5 years (2011-2014 + PhD in 2015).


Published 10 September 2014
Chief Scientist
906 59 751

Project duration

2011 - 2015