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NOWITECH - Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology

NOWITECH - Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology

Since 2009 NOWITECH has developed 40 innovations in Offshore wind. NOWITECH was concluded as an FME by the end og 2017. NOWITECH is now continued as a research network.

The objective of NOWITECH is pre-competitive research laying a foundation for industrial value creation and cost-effective offshore wind farms. Emphasis is on “deep-sea” (+30 m) including bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines.

Work is focused on technical challenges including a strong PhD and post doc programme:

  • Integrated numerical design tools for novel offshore wind energy concepts.
  • Energy conversion systems using new materials for blades and generators.
  • Novel substructures (bottom-fixed and floaters) for offshore wind turbines.
  • Grid connection and system integration of large offshore wind farms.
  • Operation and maintenance strategies and technologies.
  • Assessment of novel concepts by numerical tools and physical experiments.

The centre is financed with 320 NOK (2009-2017) by the Research Council of Norway (50 %), industripartnere (25 %) and research partners (25 %) SINTEF, NTNU and IFE.

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Published 04 August 2014
Chief Scientist

Project duration

2009 - 2017


Centre Director:

John Olav Giæver Tande 

Hans Christian Bolstad 

Complete presentation of NOWITECH (english)