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New protection concept

New protection concept

Test of a concept for fault localization in meshed distribution grids using existing protection equipment.

The medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) distribution grid are today usually designed as a meshed network but are operated as a radial network due to lower protection equipment requirements. In a radial network transformer, line, or cable faults will lead to power interruptions for consumers. If the distribution grid were operated as a meshed network this will increase the reliability of supply and reduces the losses.

The objective of this pilot projects is to test and verify a new protection scheme using existing for fault localisation in meshed distribution grids.

Involved partners:

  • Hafslund Nett
  • SINTEF Energy Research
  • NTNU

Contact Research: Thomas Haugan, NTNU
Contact industry: Robert Seguin, Hafslund Nett 

This is a Pilot project in FME CINELDI. 

Published 05 April 2019

Project start