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The main objective for the MonitorX project is to develop a model, and an additional software prototype, for optimal utilization of the lifetime of a component in a hydropower plant.

The Project is based on the idea that a better model for optimizing lifetime is done by integrating advanced systems for condition monitoring and classic methods for maintenance and reinvestment analysis. The MonitorX project is in accordance with the prioritized themes in the Energi21 main strategy (2014).

Today, several existing monitoring systems in a given hydropower plant collects information (temperature, pressure, voltage etc.) from various components. This information collected today is largely used for failure alert in a component. The information is to a small extent used to estimate lifetime and likelihood of failure in a component. The purpose of MonitorX is to make use of the information to alert well ahead of a component failure. By enabling this possibility, it will be easier for the hydropower production companies to plan the maintenance and necessary replacements for a component.

With MonitorX, the hydropower production companies will be able to optimize the component lifetime because MonitorX will monitor the need for maintenance and reinvestments. This will again lead to reduced costs through reduced likelihood of failure, better utilization of equipment, improved risk management and optimized use of financial resources, work force and material.

The main challenges for the MonitorX project are related to the lack of knowledge and models of advanced condition monitoring systems that can provide good lifetime models. In general, there are not much experience with advanced condition monitoring systems in hydropower plants. Therefore, there is a need to develop available systems and algorithms.

Se the project webpage for more information.

#SINTEFenergy blog: MonitorX – Optimal utilization of hydropower asset lifetime by monitoring of technical condition and risk

Published 30 December 2016
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