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LowEmission Research Centre

LowEmission Research Centre

The LowEmission Research Centre will develop new technologies and concepts for offshore energy systems, energy efficiency and integration with renewable power production technologies for application on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Centre vision: Develop technology and methods for ensuring that the O&G industry can meet its emission goals.
Centre vision: Develop technology and methods for ensuring that the O&G industry can meet its emission goals.

This will help the industry to meet their 2030 and 2050 emission reduction goals, as well as paving the way for zero-emission petroleum production in 2050.

LowEmission gathers leading energy companies, operators and vendors, who have joined forces with globally recognized research groups at SINTEF and NTNU. The consortium is also strengthened by the participation of top-rated universities and institutes from Europe and the US.

The strong interaction within the Centre will accelerate development and implementation of low-emission offshore technologies and make LowEmission a platform for innovation. It will generate spin-off projects and technology transfer possibilities for the industry.

The main scientific focus in the Centre will be on power and heat generation with lower emissions, on reduced energy demand, and on energy systems and management. The latter includes the development of digitalized solutions and concepts for integrating renewable power production technologies in the offshore energy system. The topics are chosen based on their potential to reduce emissions on the NCS in a short- and long-term perspective and includes solutions for both brownfield and greenfield cases. LowEmission will strive to reduce the cost of offshore emission reduction technology, and to come up with at least 10-15 new innovative low-emission solutions.

The centre will educate 19 PhDs/Postdocs and 30 MSc students, and it aims to generate a total of 26 spin-off research projects and over 70 scientific papers. LowEmission will share knowledge with scientists, industry, society, politicians and the public, and thereby aid decision-making and shaping of emission policies for the Norwegian O&G industry.


Low Emission partners

The centre is financed under the Research Council of Norway "Research centres for petroleum activities (PETROSENTER)" 


Published 11 April 2019
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Project duration

2019 - 2027