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Integrated coastal zone management

Integrated coastal zone management

Published 13 October 2011

The project will develop a dynamic best practices for sustainable planning and management to achieve reasonable use of coastal areas in Norway for all relevant stakeholders.

Conflicts related to the use of the coastal zone and adjacent waters is growing, internationally as well as nationally. In Norway, new activities like tourism, recreation, conservation and aquaculture with industrial activities related to energy production compete with the traditional use of land and resources. Through a systematic approach in which socio-ecological and socio-economic and natural components are studied, this project aims to explore the challenges and needs in coastal management. A recognition that there is no solution which fits all in coastal management, leads the project to focus on three areas in Norway:

  • Trøndelag
  • Vestfjorden
  • Altafjorden

all with high complexity in terms of interests, activities and conflict potential. The project consists of five parallel work packages, followed by a summary and demonstration work package based on insight from the other five.

Project duration

01/01/2009 - 31/12/2011