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Centre for intelligent electricity distribution - to empower the future Smart Grid.

CINELDI will ensure that we are building the smart energy system of the future

  • CINELDI will contribute to designing the future's flexible and robust electrical distribution grid at an acceptable cost.
  • CINELDI will facilitate renewable energy, electrification of transport and more efficient use of energy.

Business potential

CINELDI will develop a knowledge base for electrical grid operators and authorities to establish good strategies for the future distribution grid.

This will provide:

  • More efficient grid operations
  • Reduced costs for investments and operations
  • Future-oriented regulation of utility companies, to ensure the socially efficient development and operation of the power grid.

CINELDI will also provide new business opportunities for technology providers:

  • New products and services
  • Development of commercial solutions
  • Strengthening of national and international competitiveness
  • Increased visibility and recruitment

Duration: 2016 - 2024
Budget: 360 million NOK

SINTEF Energy Research is heading the programme in cooperation with NTNU.

CINELDI Work packages


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The scheme of the Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) seeks to develop expertise and promote innovation through focus on long-term research in selected areas of environment-friendly energy. There are today 11 centres within renewable energy, energy efficiency, social sciences and CO2-management. The research activity is carried out in close cooperation between prominent research communities and users. The centres will operate for eight years (2016 – 2024).

About the centres

Published 30 May 2016
Chief Scientist
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Project duration

2016 - 2024