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Marine plancton analysis

Marine plancton analysis

Published 25 March 2012

Analysis of seawater samples is an important tool in the monitoring of plankton along the Norwegian coast, and today the fastest way to find out which species are present.

Our marine biologists have long experience in monitoring plankton, algae and jellyfish which may be harmful to farmed fish and shellfish. Plankton may also be used as an indicator of environmental conditions in the sea (water quality).

The results from the analyses provide basic data for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority mussels alert. They are also used for shellfish industry sales licenses and document whether plankton is contributing to fish health challenges. In addition, the project contributes with information to algeinfo, published weekly in the algal bloom season (February / March - November).

Project duration

01/01/2006 - 01/01/2017