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Securing the European green transition through research, business and government collaboration

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The GreenShift project aims at fostering innovation and collaboration in the North Sea region. It is led by SINTEF, in collaboration with the Norwegian embassies to Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

The project will organise four gatherings, focusing on driving sustainable solutions within three specific areas, namely: Offshore wind (Amsterdam, 11 September), Carbon capture, utilisation, transportation and storage (Dusseldorf, 21 September), and Green maritime shipping (Copenhagen, 23 November). The series will conclude with a culminating event in Brussels in January of 2024 – an event which will encapsulate the collective efforts and insights gained from the previous three gatherings.

These exclusive events will bring together distinguished representatives from government entities, the industrial value chain, and key research institutions across the participating countries. Together, participants will explore the joint ambitions and challenges shared on the path towards making the North Sea a powerhouse for the green transition.

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