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Project development for active control of thermochemical transformations of regional biomass resources with improved quality of produced energy and increase of European climate neutrality.

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The goal of the BioTech project is to develop an international project proposal within the framework of a call announced in the Horizon Europe program or another international research program.

Project activities:       

  • Monitoring of calls in Horizon Europe and other programs announced in 2023, in order to search for a call related to the control and improvement of biofuel gasification and bioenergy production processes.
  • Assessing the state-of-the-art in the fields of the control of biomass thermochemical conversion, biofuels and bioenergy production, process control, numerical simulation, and sustainability assessments.
  • Preparation of project activities to be included in the project proposal.
  • Seek partners for the execution of an improved proposal.
  • Prepare and submit an in-depth project application within the BioTech project.

Project coordinator: Institute of Physics at the University (Latvia).
Project partners: SINTEF (Norway), University of Latvia (Latvia), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).

Total funding of the project: EUR 60,000.00, of which EUR 51,000.00 (85%) is European Economic Area funding and EUR 9,000.00 (15%) is co-financing from the Latvian state budget.

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Key Factors

Project duration

2023 - 2024