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An AI-based Holistic Dynamic Framework for a safe Drone’s Operations in restricted and urban areas.

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Local wind prediction

Safety for U-space operations

This project aims to address various research questions and objectives, including assessing and quantifying the level of safety for U-space operations, defining a safety framework for strategic and tactical operations, determining the acceptable level of automation and AI integration, optimizing airspace usage, and establishing a rational flight approval process.

Automated air traffic management

By leveraging AI techniques, the project seeks to pave the way for automated air traffic management, enabling the efficient and secure integration of drones into airspace while considering potential risks, societal impacts, and environmental concerns.

Key Factors

Project duration

2023 - 2025



Cooperation partners

Istanbul Teknik Universitei, Sopera Steria, DLR, SINTEF, Katara, Duzce Belediyesi, Devlet Hava Meydanalari Isletmesi, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge, Universidad Europea, Czech Aerospace research center

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