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TRINEFLEX - Toolkit for intensive process industries’ sustainable transformation

TRINEFLEX is a toolkit for Energy Intensive Industries: a service managing the digital aspects and the flexibility and sustainability transition of industrial processes.

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TRINEFLEX is an integrated EII-transformation toolkit following the `X as a service model´. For the end-users (EIIs), TRINEFLEX will function as an end-to-end service managing the plants digital lifecycle and the process of transition to flexible and sustainable operation. This process will be enabled by advanced and green data acquisition, Big Data Infrastructures, process analysis, model development and finally Digital Twins with integrated multi-agent decision support systems.


TRINEFLEX will be implemented at each of five demonstration sites with unique challenges, from 4 sectors: glass, copper, aluminium and water industries. The implementation will be supported through the integration of transformative technologies (from the energy efficiency, clean energy, sustainable fuels and feedstocks and CCUS sectors), that synergise with the powerful digital solutions to demonstrate flexibility measures towards energy neutrality.

Additionally, TRINEFLEX is designed for rapid replicability in these sectors and high transferability in other P4Planet sectors centred on energy flexibility on the short term and industrial symbiosis on the long term.

TRINEFLEX will mobilise local stakeholders and communities into new ways of interacting with the energy and process industries: Capacity building, open science, and introducing new forms of sustainable economic activity. Service- and community-based demand/response will be employed to leverage local energy resources, coupled with emphasis on sustainable fuels and feedstocks, accelerating the adoption of industrial-urban symbiosis.

SINTEF Industry participates in:

  • WP1 – End user requirements and project specifications
  • WP2 – From data acquisition to digital twin consolidation framework
  • WP4 – Integration of energy flexible technologies
  • WP5 – Validation and demonstration activities

SINTEF Energy Research participates in WP4 - T4.4: Carbon capture and or storage
The CCUS pilot will be used for the validation of the CCUS models for each of the demo cases in WP5. This task is a demo-campaign consisting of a hybrid solar panel matrix and a heat pump integrated to SINTEF's solvent-based CO2 capture pilot plant, at Tiller, Norway. The heat pump will be used to as an auxiliary thermal energy booster that upgrades waste-heat (available) and or low temperature heat from the hybrid panels for steam production. This task will feature the following steps:

  • Design and installation of hybrid solar panel matrix loop
  • Design and construction of the heat-pump
  • Integration of solar panels and heat pump
  • Demonstration Campaign to study:
    • Flexibility of CCS/solar integration and
    • Energy optimization & the potential solar-assisted CCS (extrapolation of results to project’s DC#s)
    • Waste heat integration (impact on energy savings)
    • Integration in SINTEF's digital platform


Operational pilot site at Tiller and CCUS models.

See the project website for more information. 



The project is financed under Horizon Europe research and innovation programme Grant Agreement No 101058174.


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Project duration

2022 - 2026

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