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October 2022

Participants of the OIP workshop in Brussels Photo: hereon/ Lisa Depenbrock

VIPCOAT consortium led the conceptualization and implementation of the collaborative workshop on Open Innovation Facilitation in Horizon Europe. The workshop was organized by three OIP projects MUSICODE, OpenModel, and VIPCOAT founded by the same topic: Open Innovation Platforms for materials modeling.

Experts from industry, academia, governmental bodies and society participated in the event.

A white paper will be prepared based on discussion of four important aspects:

  • What does Open Innovation mean for Industry? Which opportunities and industrial needs in Open Innovation do you identify, and which impact do you expect? How can industry contribute to facilitate Open Innovation?
  • What is the main academic need in Open Innovation and how to meet this need? How academia can contribute to Open Innovation Facilitation?
  • How would an ideal Open Innovation process look like? What is necessary to realize such a process?
  • What benefits for society, natural resources and protection of environment can Open Innovation generate? Which opportunities and/or barriers can you identify?

Workshop materials