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July 2022

Representatives of VIPCOAT consortium Peter Klein (Fraunhofer ITWM) and Natalia Konchakova (Hereon) with the members of MUSICODE consortium: Donna Dykeman (Ansys), Elefterios Lidorikis (University of Ioannina) and Argiris Laskarakis(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) - from left to right

Nanotexnology 22 Conference

On July 03-09, 2022, thenanotexnology22 conference opened a forum for industry and academia to discuss many scientific and practical approaches for different questions, including Open Innovation.
Three H2020 EU projects MUSICODE, VIPCOAT and OpenModel have demonstrated their collaboration providing lectures at theeWorkshop of Open Innovation and Standardization.
the projects were presented at the large exhibition area of the conference. Involving industrial stakeholders to follow the projects development and open the door to see the progress and first results are extremely important for the projects' success and future sustainability.

Our VIPCOAT project was well represented at the conference. Some ideas on the future collaborations steps with OIP-projects were discussed and planned during the event. Moreover, the first life-demonstration of VIPCOAT OIP has been provided. A successful presentation of the initial functionally of the VIPCOAT platform and the collaborative environment were presented.
The positive feedback of the workshop participants, especially other OIP projects (MUSICODE and OpenModel), has been collected.

Congratulations to the team working on the platform implementation!


Open Foam Workshop in Cambridge

On July 10-July 14, the VIPCOAT consortium member WIKKI Limited organized the 17 OpenFOAM Workshop in Cambridge. The conference has fostered the discussion of advanced techniques and approaches for software engineering and architecture.
Prof. Hrvoje Jasak and Dr. Marko Horvat were representing the consortium at the workshop. On Thursday, July 14th, they provided a lecture on OpenFOAM integration into MoDeNa platform.

The connection of VIPCOAT and OpenFOAM is very important for the OIP successful development. The VIPCOAT team collect a feedback of the OpenFOAM specialists on the VIPCOAT - OIP technical implementation, which would help to achieve the project aims.