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OPM support and maintenance

In this project, a consortium consisting of SINTEF, NORCE and OPM-OP provide support and maintenance services for the OPM Flow reservoir simulator software.

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Visualization of the OLYMPUS reservoir simulation benchmark case, simulation performed with OPM Flow. Ill.: SINTEF

High-quality support and maintenance for OPM Flow

High-quality support and maintenance for software is essential for industrial companies. This is no less true for open-source software. The open-source reservoir simulator OPM Flow has been developed since 2013 and grown steadily in capabilities and performance. To ensure availability of the necessary support and maintenance services to enable operational use of the software within the industry, SINTEF and our partners offer such services. This can include for example bug fixes, new simulator features, performance improvements, documentation, and direct user support.

In this particular project, Norway’s largest energy company Equinor has contracted SINTEF and our partners to provide such services for OPM Flow. Equinor is using OPM Flow on several assets and is evaluating it for use on more.

OPM Flow is free software

All products of the project such as software improvements or documentation are shared freely with the community using free and open licenses. The work is done following an open and collaborative development model, where any user or developer of OPM Flow can discuss changes and improvements, as well as testing and using them without restriction. This enables simple cooperation between industrial and research communities for mutual benefit. Extensive testing on industrial assets yields robustness and performance benefits for all users, not just the asset owner.

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2021 - 2024



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