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MaritimeNH3 – Enabling implementation of ammonia as a maritime fuel

MaritimeNH3 Work packages

Modelling dispersion and safety considerations – WP1:

This work package will improve NH3 dispersion modelling to increase safety in the surrounding area of NH3 bunkering installations.

WP leader: Hans Langva Skarsvåg, Gas Technology, SINTEF Energy Research

End user utilisation – WP2:

This work package will assess the characteristics of fuel blends required by the end users of NH3 bunkering solutions by investigating two energy conversion technologies:

  1. Electrochemical conversion via fuel cells to directly produce power, and
  2. Thermochemical conversion via reciprocating engines to directly produce propulsion.

In addition, it will evaluable NH3 decomposition (crackers) and oxygen enrichment of air (membranes) to optimally integrate and maximise the overall system efficiency.

WP leader: Belma Talic, Sustainable Energy Technology, SINTEF Industry

Techno-economic analysis and GHG assessment – WP3:

This work package will develop and apply an optimisation framework and methodology for a techno-economic analysis and GHG assessment of a Norwegian NH3-based energy system and compare it to alternative H2-based value chains.

WP leader: Miguel Muñoz Ortiz, Sustainable Energy Technology, SINTEF Industry

Management and dissemination – WP4:

This work package will ensure that the project is managed according to a plan and time schedule, and that results and information produced by the project are effectively disseminated to relevant stakeholders.

WP leader: Cecilia Gabrielii, Thermal Energy, SINTEF Energy Research