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MaritimeNH3 – Enabling implementation of ammonia as a maritime fuel

Aims and objectives

MaritimeNH3’s main objective is to develop and disseminate knowledge contributing to the necessary technology advancements in the ammonia (NH3) value chain in order to enable a safe and cost-efficient implementation of NH3 as a maritime fuel.

This will be achieved by:

  • Improving risk mitigation for NH3 bunkering installations in a Nordic climate by improving the modelling of NH3 dispersion at ppm levels between rapidly lethal and detectable odour limits,
  • Advancing the technological development of NH3-fuelled combustion engines and high-temperature fuel cells by evaluating concepts for improving the combustion characteristics of NH3 and determining the main degradation mechanisms that impact the lifetime of NH3-fed fuel cells,
  • Developing and applying a methodology for a techno-economic analysis and greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment of a Norwegian NH3-based energy system for maritime transport, and comparing this to alternative H2-based value chains, and
  • Increasing the social acceptance of NH3 as a maritime fuel, and promoting its uptake and further development.