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Enhancing optimal exploitation of solar energy in Nordic cities through the digitalization of the built environment

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The ZEB Laboratory in Trondheim, pilot building for model validation in Helios. Photo: Nicola Lolli

Solar Energy is a key source to increase the transition towards renewable energy and to limit the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

A large portion of solar energy worldwide remains unexploited.

This is also the case of the Nordic countries where climate challenges, legal and cultural barriers, and economic constraints prevent optimal exploitation of solar energy. 

In this context, the project Helios aims to turn the Nordic conditions into unique opportunities to accelerate the use of solar energy and the deployment of solar systems in the Nordic built environment through digital techniques using Trondheim as a pilot city. 

SINTEF activities: 

  • Solar radiation analysis
  • Solar data sources
  • Solar modelling and monitoring
  • Model validation


NTNU (project lead), SINTEF, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland – HES-SO Genève, HEPIA – Haute école du paysage, d’ ingénierie et d’architecture, Design Optimisation and Environmental Engineering Laboratory - LOCIE

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Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2026