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Green Plattform HydroSun – hybrid power plants of floating PV and hydropower

Hybrid solutions may be a key technology for the green energy transition.

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Floating solar panels

A rapid increase in the deployment of renewable energy is needed to meet the global policy goals. In the future, issues related to intermittency, but also land access and sustainability, are expected to become increasing challenges. Hybrid power plants can answer to many of these challenges. Currently, however, the number of large-scale hybrid power plants in operation is very limited. Business cases for hybridization are still being developed, and in most markets, it is simply unclear under what resource and market conditions hybrid power plants are economically viable.

The HydroSun project aims to develop the required competence base for development and operation of large-scale hydro- floating PV (FPV) hybrid power plants. In the project, we will develop methods to valuate and quantify the potential economic, grid operational, social, and environmental benefits of hybrid power plants. We will study the cost-optimal dimensions and operation of hybrid power plants, alone and with various storage technologies. We will also study the impact of prediction accuracy on the operation and the resilience of the hybrid plants to uncertainties in market and climate. In addition, the environmental impact of FPV on local ecosystems will be investigated in the project.  

The project is led by IFE.


HydroSun Annual Report 2022


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This is a Knowledge-building Project for Industry partly financed by the Research Council of Norway


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2021 - 2024

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