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FruktKlima - Technological solutions for optimal fruit handling

It is both politically and commercially desirable to extend the season and increase the proportion of Norwegian fruit on the market, but this requires high quality and optimal handling. All Norwegian fruit warehouses want to contribute to building and disseminating the knowledge required to optimise the handling of fruits, especially apples. Focus is placed on the connections between technical, physical and biological factors, and together these will contribute to a knowledge-based improvement at all fruit warehouses.

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The specific technical objectives are optimisation of today’s warehouses, clarifying the need for upgrading, as well as designing the environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions of the future. In the project, the transfer of expertise to fruit warehouses is a key factor in utilising and implementing the results for optimised warehouse management and control.


Traditional refrigerant is being phased out due to high climate impacts, and environmentally friendly and energy-efficient systems must be implemented. Air circulation and distribution in storage facilities is important in terms of controlling temperature, humidity and gas concentrations such as CO2 and the ripening hormone called ethylene. The shelf life (quality, damage and decomposition) of the fruit will be investigated during different strategies regarding the use of storage rooms, and how these factors are interrelated. Economic aspects of the various strategies and storage times will be clarified.

FruktKlima will be a contribution from the fruit industry that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to increasing yield, increasing the proportion of Norwegian fruit on the market, and reducing food waste. IMG_3713.jpg


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Project duration

2020 - 2024

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