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Flexible electricity use in households: barriers, opportunities and effects (FLEXEFFECT)

The project will meet the urgent need for social science research on flexible electricity policy and technology in Norway.

Provide recommendations to policymakers, businesses and NGOs on how flexible electricity use among households can be achieved.

SINTEF Energi is responsible for work package "Enabling and constraining factors", addressing how new information about hourly electricity consumption available from smart meters (and related information material and programmes) is understood and utilised by households; and the householders’ attitudes to the introduction of capacity pricing and their degree of access to technologies for load control. This includes a national survey among Norwegian household customers. The work package will be performed in cooperation with CICERO and SUM.

SINTEF Energi will also be a part of work package "Examining realities: effects on the scheduling of electricity use and motivations for energy saving" , focusing on different case studies with household customers that have received incentives for demand response and more efficient use of energy/power.

Read more about the project at the CICERO website.


Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2022

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