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ECoDiS - Engineering and Condition monitoring in Digital Substations

Digital Substation (DS) based on the standard IEC 61850 is rather new in Norway; one of the few pilot projects is Furuset substation owned by Statnett.

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Digital Substation is a substation where intelligent electronic devices from different vendors can easily communicate to each other based on IEC 61850 and most of hardwired copper connections are replaced by optical fiber cables. In Digital Substations, sampled values are instantaneous values of analogue signals (voltage, current, etc.) are sampled and digitalised. Currently, these values are not fully utilised since they are only used as inputs for protective relays although they are also valuable inputs for other functionalities.

  • Firstly, the project seeks to increase utilization of Digital Substation by demonstrating in three pilots (Statnett, Hafslund and Skagerak) possibility to utilise sampled values to implement additional functionalities in real time.
  • Secondly, it aims at building a platform in the laboratory environment for investigating different aspects of IEC 61850, including interoperability and cybersecurity.
  • Thirdly, the project aims to increase competence in digital substation of the transmission and distribution system operators in Norway.

The most critical challenges are:

  • How to exploit opportunities and recognise limitations of Digital Substation for system operators.
  • How to identify useful real-time monitoring functionalities and IEC 61850-compliant sensors and their benefits.
  • How to find a good practice to implement these monitoring applications, with affordable cost, in a real-time environment where there are constraints on climate conditions, computing capability of real-time simulators, network security, etc.

Findings from the project lay the foundation for increasing values of the Digital Substation, implementing real-time functionalities for condition monitoring, and facilitate an effective deployment of Digital Substations in Norway.


Key Factors

Project duration

2019 - 2024

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