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DroneSAFE – Drones that make Safe Aerial Filming Easy!

The primary objective of the DroneSAFE project was to develop a professional-quality cinematography solution for action and adventure sports in an affordable, safe, and easy-to-use consumer drone platform.

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The Staaker drone (picture:

DroneSAFE was a collaboration between The Staaker Company AS and SINTEF Digital to develop a new drone platform and sensing technologies capable of world-leading precision and robustness for user tracking and safe, autonomous flight amongst obstacles. These advances would enable Staaker to build on their existing product and to establish themselves as the leading provider of personal camera drones for the action and adventure sports market.

The primary objective of the project was to develop an affordable drone platform for aerial filming that offered precise and robust user tracking and was safe and easy to use outdoors. Key research challenges included long-range 3D sensing for collision avoidance at fast flight speeds, and robust and precise user tracking.

Due to Staaker's merger with Nordic Unmanned and subsequent new strategic focus, the DroneSAFE project was ended early in 2019. The collaboration produced innovative tracking and simulation technologies for drones that will contribute to the development of future technologies for the project partners.

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Project duration

2018 - 2019