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The industrial partners include large and central industrial players in the wood stove area in Norway and Denmark and they will contribute with finances and their extensive industrial knowledge generated through their commercial activities within wood stove development and production.

R & D partners

Norway's foremost contract research institute within energy research, will manage and be the main R&D provider in the WoodCFD project. SINTEF ER is among Europe's most experience coordinators of large international multi-client strategic research projects. SINTEF ER is a part of the SINTEF group, which is Europe's 4th largest independent R&D Institute. SINTEF ER has a strong, synergic cooperation with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU. In 2009 the Research Council of Norway established eight National Centres for Environmental Friendly Energy Research (FME). SINTEF and NTNU host / lead six of these eight centres.

Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet (NTNU)
NTNU has 23 000 students, an academic/scientific staff of 3000 and more than 100 laboratories. The international cooperation is very strong. About 370 doctoral degrees are awarded annually.

Industry partners

Dovre AS
Dovre was established in Ulefoss (Norway) in 1933 and is the world's oldest manufacturer of inserts (bricked in fireplaces). Dovrepeisen had a unique convection heating system, and obtained 50 years world wide patent. The principle is still used by several manufacturers world wide.

In 1991 the production was moved to Weelde in Belgium. Dovre has developed into a large and modern manufacturing company with one of Europe's largest foundries. Dovre is continuously working on product development, to offer new and exciting products with high standard and quality.

Norsk Kleber AS
Norsk Kleber AS (former Granit Kleber AS) was established in 1893 and has produced and exported soap stones for more than 100 years. Norsk Kleber AS is the only company in Norway producing heat storing stoves for biomass (firewood) as fuel. The production of the soap stone as well as the soap stone stoves and fireplaces is going on at Otta in Gudbrandsdalen.

Jøtul's origin started at Kværner Brug, which was founded in the outskirts of Christiania in 1853. Jøtul AS is a world leading Norwegian producer of stoves and fireplaces with subsidiaries in USA, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Poland. Jøtul AS is part of the Jøtul Group that sells and markets its high quality products under the brands: Jøtul, Scan and Atra.

The manufacturing units are located in Fredrikstad and Halden in Norway, Portland - Maine in USA, Motz en Chautagne in France, Gdansk in Poland, and in Vissenbjerg in Denmark. The Jøtul Group has approximately 640 employees.

Morsø AS
Morsø (Denmark) has more than 160 years of experience in making wood burning stoves and is at the forefront of developing cast iron stoves. Right from the earliest years, development and innovation have been an important driving force for Morsø Jernstøberi, and many epoch-making products and principles have been developed at Mors in Limfjorden.

Morsø has, step by step, led the way in both new designs and new ways of combining form and function; efficiency with beauty and comfort – and also in recent years with environmental awareness.


The constellation of project partners is very strong, bringing together leading research organisations within the field and major industrial players. This project will participate in IEA Bioenergy Task 32 Biomass Combustion and Cofiring. It will also build upon existing national and international educational, industrial and public networks established in relevant areas.