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The Arena-project i4plastics consists of 17 small and large companies and expertise centres in the plastics industry, with SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing as formal host. Most of the involved companies have a strong international position, based on their strength in plastic-related materials and manufacturing processes.

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exagon Ragasco, one of the companies involved in i4plastics. Photo: Hexagon Ragasco
Hexagon Ragasco, one of the companies involved in i4plastics. Photo: Hexagon Ragasco

The network cluster and Arena-project i4plastics consists of small and large companies in the plastics industry, and creates added value and increased competitiveness through collaboration on knowledge-based innovation and competence development in material and tool technology. The project is funded by Innovation Norway, the Research Council of Norway and SIVA.


i4plastics is divided into four sub-projects with the focus areas Collaboration, Expertise, Research and Innovation. The size of the sub-projects varies and each project is led by a representative from one of the involved companies.

  • Collaborative arena: Formulating a generall strategy for product and process development for plastics and multi-materials.
  • Expertise arena: Partner search and competence mapping, establishing a competence forum and centre.
  • R&D arena: Mapping the future needs and initiatives of the involved companies, including small and medium-sized companies, writing applications and ensuring funding schemes.
  • Innovation arena: Setting up new innovation projects in and between the i4plastics companies, and transforming the results into business concepts.


The companies involved in i4plastics mainly focus on plastics as material, but also in combination with other materials, so-called multi-materials. The network has its main base in and around Raufoss Industrial Park and operates in various markets such as automotive, defense, water and gas distribution, gas storage, road infrastructure, tool development and aquaculture. Based on manufacturing technology, markets and products, the involved companies have strong core competencies that can be further developed in the project, while gaining increased competitiveness as well.

  • Form-Tek
  • Hexagon Ragasco
  • HV Plast
  • Kongsberg Automotive
  • K8 Industridesign
  • Mjøsplast
  • Nammo Raufoss
  • Oma Plast
  • Plastal
  • Plasto
  • Raufoss Water & Gas
  • Torpo
  • Gjøvikregionen Næringsråd
  • Nasjonalt Senter for Komposittkompetanse
  • Fagskolen Innlandet
  • NTNU Gjøvik
  • SINTEF Materialer og kjemi
  • SINTEF Manufacturing

Key Factors

Project duration

01/07/2014 - 01/07/2017