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Related projects
  • WoodCFD – Clean and efficient wood stoves through improved batch combustion models and CFD modelling approaches
  • Quality wood – Improved use of firewood - EU project
  • KRAV – Heat and power from biomass - RTD project led by SINTEF
  • STOP – Stable operating conditions for biomass combustion plants - RTD project led by SINTEF
  • BioCarb+ – Enabling the biocarbon value chain for energy - RTD project led by SINTEF
  • NextGenBioWaste – EU project within bioenergy led by SINTEF
Networks / Organisations
European Commission


Guidebooks, public literature and strategic documents:

Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (CEER) - PDF folder
  • BIGCCS – International CCS Research Centre
  • CEDREN – Centre for Environmental Design of Renewable Energy
  • CenBio Bioenergy Innovation Centre
  • CenSES – Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies
  • CICEP – Strategic Challenges in International Climate and Energy Policy
  • CREE – Oslo Center for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy
  • NORCOWE – Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind Energy
  • NOWITECH Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology
  • SOL The Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology
  • SUCCESS – Subsurface CO2 Storage – Critical Elements and Superior Strategy
  • ZEB The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings