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EcoGrid EU

The project offers Europe a fast track evolution towards Smart Grids dissemination and deployment in the distributed electricity grid.

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The aim was to contribute to the European 20-20-20 goals by showing that it is possible to operate a distribution power system (on the Danish island of Bornholm) with more than 50 % renewable energy sources (RES) making active use of new communication technology and innovative market solutions.

The objective of the EcoGrid EU project has been to develop and demonstrate in large-scale a generally applicable real-time market concept for smart electricity distribution networks with high penetration of renewable energy sources and active user participation. The concept is based on small and medium-size distributed energy resources (DER) and flexible demand response to real-time price signals. Market-based, cost efficient and standardized solutions will be aimed for.

Several interlinking topics have been covered in the project period:

  • Development and implementation of the EcoGrid EU concept covering all aspects from ICT, control systems and market design and business cases.
  • Preparation for the demonstration by getting acceptance from all involved parties, recruiting and training participants and installing and testing equipment.
  • Demonstration of the concept in large- scale with about 2000 participants over a course of two heating seasons.
  • Contribution to the standardization process of architectures and interfaces for DER integration by drawing on results from the implementation and demonstration.
  • Suggesting strategy/roadmap for replicating the results from the specific demonstration site to other regions.
  • Broad and consistent dissemination of major project results to stakeholders and decision makers, both in the involved regions and on a Pan-European level.

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Key Factors

Project duration

2011 - 2015

Lego-model of the Smart Grid on Bornholm
Lego-model of the Smart Grid on Bornholm