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TWENTIES - Transmitting wind

SINTEF deliverables

Possibilities of Nordic hydro power generation flexibility and transmission capacity expansion to support the integration of Northern European wind power production: 2020 and 2030 case studies. Deliverable nº: 16.3

This report presents the analysis of grid implications regarding the use of flexible hydropower production in the Nordic power system to support the integration of wind power production in the Northern Europe for the period between 2020 and 2030. The analysis includes three interrelated simulation steps: i) strategic use of hydro energy in the day-ahead market; ii) grid expansion scenarios are evaluated based on the day-ahead market results, considering both - offshore and onshore grid connections. Cost-benefit analyses for selected transmission expansion scenarios are carried out, taking operational cost savings and investment costs of newly built transmission capacity into account. Investments in transmission capacity result in a better utilisation of hydro power, wind and other renewables in the system. iii), Results of the two previous simulation steps are verified, based upon detailed flow-based power market simulations using a detailed grid model for the whole European system. Based on a DC power flow approach the optimal generation dispatch is computed. The main goal of this report is the identification of critical transmission corridors and suggestion of new transmission capacity to enable the optimal use of hydro power to reduce the production uncertainty from wind power generation.

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Hydro potentials and barriers. Deliverable nº: 16.2

This document presents an overview of the Nordic electricity system and attempts to shed light over its existing and future flexibility i.e. the system’s capability to export power for the purpose of balancing wind power variability in Northern Europe.

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Framework for balancing control Deliverable nº: 6.2

This deliverable is 'restricted' for dissemination but might be obtained upon request in selected cases

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