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GasBio - Gasification for Biofuels

Future production of Second Generation Biofuels in Norway requires building of long term competence in thermochemical biomass conversion (i.e. gasification). GasBio aims to fulfil this national need.

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This project (2010 - 2014) adresses key elements of processes for large scale production of synthetic diesel from wood and forest resources, as well as processes for smaller scale production of biofuels from forest, household and industrial waste fractions.

The proposed project is backed by the most central Norwegian ind ustrial enterprises planning to establish future liquid biofuels production plants in Norway, and will be carried out in close cooperation with these.

GasBio is a Knowledge-building Project with User Involvement (KMB)
co-funded by The Research Council of Norway in the RENERGI-programme (ENERGIX from 2013). 

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2010 - 2014