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Alcohol and substance use in Malawi (ALMA)

Following an expressed need for research based evidence to guide policy making in Malawi, SINTEF has been doing research in the field of alcohol and substance use since 2007. The studies are carried out in close collaboration with key stakeholders and research partners in Malawi.

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Alcohol and substance use in Malawi (ALMA)
Alcohol and substance use in Malawi (ALMA)

Alcohol misuse is associated with medical, psychological and social harm. Malawian policy makers and other stakeholders, including NGOs working in the area of alcohol and drugs, have clearly expressed a desire to address this issue using an evidence-based approach. However, they lack relevant information on alcohol consumption in Malawi, and existing alcohol policies are therefore not based on national research evidence. The projects listed below have been developed and carried out in collaboration with policy makers, program executors and stakeholders. The overall aim of these projects has been to support the goals of the stakeholders by producing data on alcohol use and related harm.

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2007 - 2013