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Distribution 2020

The project aimed at developing novel overall solutions to minimise consequences and costs related to major challenges for the future distribution networks:

  1. Fault handling to ensure reliability and sufficient quality - Intelligent methods for efficient and rapid fault isolation and restoration with minimum voltage disturbance for the customers
  2. Integration of distributed power generation - Criteria and new methods for including embedded production in the distribution network - Controlled island operation when the connection to the transmission grid is lost


Main industrial partner: 

  • ABB Power Technology Products Division, Skien, Norway 

Industry partners:    

  • Nortroll AS
  • Siemens AS

Utility partners:

  • Hafslund Nett AS
  • Statkraft Varme AS
  • NTE Nett AS
  • Helgelandskraft AS
  • Agder Energi Nett AS
  • NVE

University partner:

  • NTNU, Department of Electrical Power Engineering



Publications presented at the NORDAC conference:

8. - 9. september 2009

International publications

  • Analysis of Fault Detection and Location in Medium Voltage Radial Networks with Distributed Generation, av Jorun Marvik, Astrid Petterteig, Hans Kristian Høidalen
    PowerTech 07, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 2-9, 2007
  • Detection of earth fault in a medium voltage distribution network, av Thor Henriksen, Astrid Petterteig
    The International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST'07), Lyon, France, June 4-7, 2007

Open reports

Tekniske retningslinjer for tilknytning av produksjonsenheter, med maksimum aktiv  effektproduksjon mindre enn 10 MW, til distribusjonsnettet
av Astrid Petterteig, Olve Mogstad, Thor Henriksen, Øyvind Håland (Agder Energi Nett AS)

Articles in Elektro

 Publications -  NEF Technical meeting  2007

Articles in Xergi

  • av Astrid Petterteig og Trond Toftevaag, Xergi, nr 2 2007
  • av Mette Kjelstad Høiseth, Xergi, nr 3 2007

Articles in Småkraft nytt




















Key Factors

Project duration

2005 - 2010

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