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Maintenance strategies with emphasis on personal safety and finances

The aim of this project is to develop practical and targeted strategies with the emphasis on personal safety and finances, decision criteria, and simple tools, all with a view to optimal grid management (maintenance and renewal). This will include working through an actual case with the participating plants.

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The value of this project will be linked to better scaling/management of maintenance and renewal activities, better documentation of profitability, cost-related utilisation of status inspections, and better control by means of long-term risk profiles. Furthermore, the project will also result in a method for dealing with personal safety as part of decision-making processes. Together with financial analyses, this will contribute to a more integrated basis for assessment.

The project incorporates the following principal activities:

  • To develop and test analytical models which estimate and document maintenance profitability, status inspection procedures, and the renewal of grid and switching stations, power lines and cable installations, and to recommend specific strategies.
  • To assess the need for new approaches to personal safety in the light of changes to requirement specifications and regulatory frameworks, promote innovative thinking in relation to safety philosophy, and develop a method for the management and documentation of personal safety in connection with operations and maintenance.
  • To assess the need for decision support methods and tools with a view to dealing with economic uncertainty as it relates to the distribution company with the emphasis on maintenance.

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Key Factors

Project duration

2002 - 2006

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