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Illutration that show applications


  • Planning of local and regional energy systems
    o Development of local/municipal energy surveys and energy plans
    o Environmental consequences
    o Database with current and future energy solutions
    o Good documentation of investment decisions
  • Identifying and analyzing influence and interrelations between different energy systems and -infrastructures
  • Optimizing investments in new distributed generation (DG)
    o subject to technology - economy – environment
    o decide rating, timing and location of DG(s)
    o considering distribution of el and heat from DG site(s)
    o including transport of fuel into DG site(s)
  • Include ”up-stream” infrastructure for DG fuels in the optimization
    o road transport of biomass and waste
    o capacity in existing gas networks
    o identify and relieve possible bottlenecks
  • Evaluate ”threats” from other energy suppliers in the area

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