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Security through cooperation

Group photo of heads of coast guards and SINTEF leaders.
In a world where both traditional security and climate play an increasing role, international cooperation has become particularly important. On Tuesday 16. April, the commanders of seven of the Arctic nations’ coast guards met for the Artic Coast Guard Forum (ACGF) at the coast guard ship Jan Mayen and the SINTEF Ocean Basin, in Trondheim.

“As allies and partners our competitive advantages is in exactly these kinds of collaborations,” Head of the U.S. Coast Guard, Admiral Linda L. Fagan commented. She was also impressed by the Ocean Basin:

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so large, and it’s really impressive what’s going on here. I’m really excited to be here, and what a great capability Norway has to support the marine industry.”

The delegations from the USA, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway were introduced to SINTEF, SINTEF Ocean and the Norwegian Ocean Technology Centre by President and CEO of SINTEF Alexandra Bech Gjørv and SINTEF Ocean CEO Vegar Johansen. Project manager Odd Magne Nilsen from the Norwegian Defence Material Agency continued with an overview over the development and testing of the new Norwegian coast guard ship Jan Mayen at Tyholt in the period 2018-2019.

Model of NoCGS Jan Mayen with audience behind.

Proud hosts

“The situation in the world around us highlights the need for increased security, crossing the line between civic society and military defence. SINTEF can contribute to this, and it was therefore both informative and a great honour that the heads of the coast guards from the Arctic countries chose to spend a day with us,” says Alexandra Bech Gjørv.

“I view this visit as a positive indication that NTNU and SINTEF offer world-class know-how and infrastructure, which is promising for the Norwegian Ocean Technology Centre. And of course, it was exciting to first see our test model by the ocean basin, and then to sail with the very same, beautiful NoCGV Jan Mayen in the Trondheim fjord.”

Vegar Johansen, CEO at SINTEF Ocean adds: “The conversations with the heads of the coast guards from important allies were interesting, and through theses dialogues I believe everyone gained awareness of how their role can be strengthened through closer collaboration with research institutes such as SINTEF.”

The participants were also presented with the challenge of plastics in the Arctic Ocean and coastal areas by Chief Scientist Rachel Tiller and were introduced to new energy systems for ships by Research Manager Anders Valland.

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