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SINTEF meets with the Mexican Ambassador to Norway

On 20 April 2023, SINTEF was invited to give a presentation to the Mexican Ambassador to Norway Ulises Canchola at Future Innovations’ (FI) offices in Trondheim.

The meeting was facilitated by Thomas Bjørdal from the Renewable Energy Cluster (RENERGY).

The general topic of the meeting was on energy, sustainability, innovation and research. The close relationship between research and industry in these areas was particularly emphasised.

Dag Eirik Nordgård gave a general introduction to SINTEF’s vision and areas of expertise.

“We spoke about the collaboration between Renergy, industry actors and SINTEF within areas such as zero-emission maritime transport,” said Dag Eirik. “It was interesting to hear the Mexican perspective on the green transition, which they are also working towards.”

Kyrre Sundseth then gave a more specific presentation on SINTEF’s work with hydrogen, namely through FME HYDROGENi, which is led by SINTEF.


“Mexico exports much more than tropical fruit. For example, they are a large exporter of vehicles, and are working with the USA to develop a roadmap for large-scale production of electrical cars. This is something that is also interesting for SINTEF, considering the recent opening of our newest battery lab,” said Kyrre.

The meeting concluded with an in-depth discussion on the energy situation in Mexico and Norway, and possible areas of future collaboration.

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