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ROP, Knowledge basis for repair contingency of pipelines

Utilization of clad and lined pipes, where a thin layer of corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) provides corrosion resistance inside a conventional carbon steel pipe, is with increasing frequency considered an economically viable alternative for corrosion management in many new oil and gas developments. This may also provide an enhanced lifetime of subsea infrastructure.

However, prevention of leakage or fracture must still be addressed. Therefore, the overall objective of the ROP project is to establish basic knowledge on subsea hyperbaric repair welding and degradation of clad pipes as well as conventional pipes, as studied by both experimentally and by numerical modelling.

SINTEF, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is doing the research in the project. The industrial partners are Statoil, Gassco, Technip, POSCO (Korea) and EDF Induction. The project is collaborating with the Japanese WPI Institute I2CNER including Kyushu University in Japan and the University of Illinois in USA.

ROP is a competence building project for industry within the The Research Council of Norway's Petromaks 2 programme.

For more information about the project, see the webpage


The International Hydrogen Conference 2016

The International Hydrogen Conference 2016

In September Lise and Vigdis attended the 2016 International Hydrogen Conference, supported by among others our collaborating international project partner I2CNER.

Meet internship candidate Martin

Meet internship candidate Martin

Hello everybody! I am Martin, 22 and I am a French student coming from Mines Saint Etienne, which is a Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, member of Institut Mines-Télécom and ranked among the top 15 engineering school in France.


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