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Catalysis is involved in 85-90 % of all chemicals production. SINTEF has extensive experience within both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Our projects are often directed towards understanding the operation of the catalyst and the interplay between the catalyst and its process. We work closely with partners in academia and Norwegian and international industry.

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Our compentence allows us to find solutions for:

  • More energy effective industrial processes
  • Energy-effective and environmentally-sound conversion of oil and natural gas to fuels and chemicals
  • Economic, energy-effective and environmentally-sound conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals
  • Cleaning of exhaust gases from mobile and stationary sources
  • Conversion of renewable energies to storable energy (chemical energy)
  • Energy-efficient conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to chemicals
  • Catalysis for production of fine and specialty chemicals
  • Synthesis of new homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts
  • Advanced characterization of catalysts down to atomic scales

Our projects can involve both theoretical and experimental research. Our laboratories have a large range of experimental reactors, from microreactors to pilot scale reactors equipped with analytical instruments for studies of different reactions and processes. Reaction conditions and materials can be chosen to suit the needs of the individual project, spanning the range from fundamental studies focussed on understanding the reaction kinetics and nano-scale properties of the catalysts to test studies to determine the optimal conditions for industrial processes. We can characterize the catalysts at the nano-scale before, during and after testing with the help of advanced characterization equipment. In addition to experimental work, we also have the expertise on kinetic, process and reactor modelling and techno-economic evaluations.

Examples of typical projects

  • Testing and development of new and commercial catalysts to achieve the best economic and environmental solutions for industry
  • Optimalization of industrial processes through variations in experimental conditions (such as temperature, pressure and reactant composition) and catalyst systems
  • Identification of effective and economic routes for the conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals
  • Development of new industrial chemical process
  • Comparison of different catalytic systems for the minimization of exhaust gases from the transport sector
  • Development of industrially-relevant reactor and kinetic models based on experimental laboratory data
  • Mechanistic studies involving both laboratory and computational experiments for the understanding of catalytic processes and catalyst development