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Waste heat

SINTEF has a wide experimental and numerical expertise in all the main aspects within development of technology for exploitation and upgrade of waste heat; from technology development and modelling of components and processes to experimental activity and industrial implementation.

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We work within these areas

  • Waste heat capture
  • Direct utilization, including thermal storage
  • Heat upgrade to higher temperature or cold
  • Heat to Electric Power Conversion 

The laws of nature dictate that energy reuse in the form of heat has a higher energy conversion efficiency than using heat to generate electric power. On the other hand, energy in the form of electricity does have the significant advantage of flexible distribution and universal demand. Further, considering the geographical placement of industry with high power demands in Norway, there is most often a limited need for heat in the surrounding area. 

Typical projects for us are:

  • Development of new concepts to solve concrete industrial issues
  • Develop and optimize energy efficient system solutions
  • Analyse, evaluate and compare alternative technologies and concepts
  • Optimize and improve existing processes

The methods we use are:
SINTEF develops knowledge and new technology through a well-balanced mix of theoretical understanding, numerical modelling and experimental investigations. We have advanced in-house models for i.a.

  • Non-stationary processes and dynamic system simulation
  • Optimization or analysis of operating parameters and part-load properties
  • Optimization of complex system layouts
  • Detailed component models, with a particular focus on the heat exchangers

Who are we doing this for?

  • The material, metal and chemical industry 
  • The oil and gas industry 
  • Shipping and marine
  • Technology venders

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Turning industrial waste heat into avocados

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