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A power transformer is a complex apparatus with windings, core, tap-changer, bushings etc., designed and manufactured for many years of operation in a power system.

SINTEF has know-how and runs projects in the transformer technology field; spanning from development and testing of materials for manufacturers, ageing performance, condition monitoring and life estimation, to analysis of interaction between power systems and transformers. A big challenge for the utilities is asset management of ageing transformer fleets.

Our services:
SINTEF's projects cover the topics from materials research, condition monitoring and testing to modelling of transformer properties and it interaction with connected grids.

Photo: Owe Stubberud, Statnett


  • Ageing performance of cellulose insulation
  • Characterization of dielectric liquids
  • Condition monitoring like e.g. partial discharge measurement, acoustic defect location, frequency response, dielectric response, oil tests etc.
  • Measurement and modelling of losses
  • Building terminal equivalents for EMTP analysis
  • Analysis of surge stress, resonances, in-rush currents
  • Fire- and explosion hazards
  • Thermal modelling
  • Geomagnetic ally induced currents in transformers
  • Life estimation
  • Health indexes
  • Scrapping and failure investigations


  • A research project addresses dielectric properties of liquids, modelling of breakdown channel propagation and applying ultra-rapid imaging of prebreakdown phenomena.
  • A research project on thermal modelling of transformers is about to start. In the innovation side one project addresses health indexes and life estimation for transformers.
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