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Pyrolysis of biomass has grown significantly as a research area the last decade.

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SINTEF carries out basic and applied research within pyrolysis of biomass for increased process understanding and production of upgraded fuels.

We work together with both national and international industry and research partners to develop and improve value chains with pyrolysis oil or biocarbon (charcoal) as the main end product.

We work within these areas:

  • characterization of biomass for pyrolysis oil and biocarbon production
  • testing of biomass properties in pyrolysis processes
  • testing of product properties in end-user processes
  • model development
  • modelling of pyrolysis and end-user processes
  • optimization of pyrolysis processes
  • energy efficiency in pyrolysis processes
  • emission minimization in pyrolysis and end-user processes
  • techno-economic studies


Our projects range from feasibility studies to larger scale testing. We are specialists in techno-economic evaluation and have experimental facilities covering the majority of the value chain.

Why choose SINTEF?

SINTEF offers a unique laboratory infrastructure for investigation of pyrolysis of solid fuels. We are a team of specialists in experiments and modelling offering quality assured results with industry relevance. We work with Norwegian and international industry, raw material suppliers, technology providers and end-users, for example metallurgical industries and bioenergy plants.



BioCarb+ – Enabling the biocarbon value chain for energy

BioCarb+ – Enabling the biocarbon value chain for energy


The overall objective of BioCarb+ is development of new strategies for use of low-grade biomass, pulpwood and energy wood resources for biocarbon (BC) production for raw material for industrial applications (reduction agent / metallurgical coke) and...




STable OPerating conditions for biomass combustion plants