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A self-sustaining and secure energy system is one of the main pillars of future society.

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The energy system (generation, transmission, demand) will become more decentralised with production taking place closer to customers and involving technologies such as solar panels, fuel cells, micro-turbines, storage and combined heat and power systems.

The result may involve smaller communities producing their own energy, utilising microgrids and island systems that are only connected to a higher-level grid for distribution and security purposes. Since microgrids can function in isolation, they are independent of factors such as prices, grid failures, etc. This independence means that components, communication and installation configurations must be modelled and tested. Effective communication and secure operation in relation to smart grids is essential to ensure a reliable and profitable outcome.

We work within the following fields:

  • Component testing
  • Building and testing of microgrid configurations in our laboratory
  • Scenario development
  • Multi-energy carrier models for energy and economic feasibility studies

Typical projects include:

  • Energy system modelling (all energy types)
  • Energy and economic feasibility studies
  • Component and configuration testing using the SmartGrid Lab

SINTEF Energy Research is the largest independent research institute in Scandinavia with an extensive historical portfolio involving Norwegian, European and global projects. We offer clients our SmartGrid laboratory, which is equipped to simulate and test various configurations using both modelled and real components. These include solar panels, wind generators, electric vehicles, low-, medium-, and high-voltage grids, storage, power electronics and much more. A microgrid can be constructed in a variety of configurations and tested. We can measure, evaluate, process and analyse data from different configurations and scenarios.

Projects are supported by our technically mature tools and an international staff. We work closely together in partnership with NTNU and its students.

Who are our clients?
End-users (in microgrids) Municipalities (new construction and restoration of older town districts)Energy suppliers and power companiesIndustrial/commercial companies (building contractors, component manufacturers)Norwegian and international research institutions

Relevant projects

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