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Market based handling of imbalances

The increasing share of renewable energy (wind, solar)  can create imbalances and major challenges for the Transmission System Operators (TSOs)

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The TSOs are responsible for the production/consumption balance and the system frequency quality.

Provision of adequate and innovative control resources is needed in order to secure sufficient cost effective regulation capacity for the future power system. Until now easily controllable production (e.g. hydropower) have been used. Flexible consumption with and without thermal storage and separate energy storage (e.g. batteries) are regarded as promising alternatives. The challenge is to develop effective control and monitoring systems and establish viable business models for activating the available flexibility.

Current research topics:

  • Development of market solutions allowing adaptation of flexible consumption to the imbalance price that reflect imbalance costs close to real-time.
  • Automatic and manual systems for flexible consumption.
  • Identification of the most cost effective regulation objects, including battery storage.
  • Short-term forecasting of price dependent flexible consumption.

Typical assignments for us:

  • EU and National Research projects.
  • Bilateral projects with the electrical industry and technology providers.

The methods we use:

  • Modelling of flexibility in consumption and battery storage.
  • Analysis of consumer profiles.
  • Simulation of market response.Market development.

Our clients are:

  • EU, Norges forskningsråd
  • Transmission System Operators (TSO) and Distribution System Owners (DSO)
  • Regulatory authorities


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