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Electrotechnical computation

SINTEF do advanced calculations on electrical components. Our goal is to be our customers' experts in electrical engineering analyses and simulations of high voltage components and systems.

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Our services:
We perform analyses on electric power technology components for most purposes. Our clients come mainly from power and offshore industry, where we typically assist with calculations used for electrical and thermal design of their products. Often the problem is complex and requires numerical modelling. Examples might include simulations of field distribution and electrical breakdown in insulation media. We also perform electro thermal analyses of cables, switches and transformers. Through cooperation with leading industrial companies, we participate in the development of new and improved electric power technology products.


  • Electro technical analyses of electrostatic fields, and calculations of electric strength
  • Electromagnetic field calculations on high voltage components
  • Estimates of induced voltages on and currents in nearby structures
  • Electro thermal field calculations of high voltage components
  • Electro thermal field calculations of power cables (onshore, offshore, umbilicals, etc.)

Method and tools:
To meet the different needs and challenges that our customers demand, we use a handful of commercial and proprietary tools. We offer expertise in:

  • COMSOL Multiphysics (Element Method)
  • Flux 2D (Element Method)
  • SEStech CDEG (Antenna Theory)
  • Matlab, Phyton and Java
  • SolidWorks (CAD)
  • EMTP


Electrotechnical laboratories

Electrotechnical laboratories

SINTEF Energy Research operates laboratories for high voltage, high power and climatic testing. Customers are manufacturers, suppliers and users of electric power equipment.