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Cable Technology

A modern high-voltage cable is a high-tech product where materials, design and production methods all contribute to a finished product with high reliability and long life.

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SINTEF conduct R&D and advanced test projects with material producers, cable and cable accessory manufacturers, and end-users in order to improve and further develop existing technology, based on our expertise with both materials and systems.

Our services:
Studies of ageing performance and the processes leading to ageing in polymer materials under different environmental stresses combined with long-term testing of materials and complete insulation systems in the laboratory. In cooperation with leading manufacturers we participate in the development of new and improved insulation systems both for HVAC and HVDC, land and submarine cables.

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  • Research with respect to reasons for degradation and reduced lifetime of high voltage cables and cable accessories.
  • Research with respect to prolonged lifetime of high voltage cables with different designs and exposed to different environmental conditions (onshore/offshore).
  • Development and performance of long term tests on cables and cable accessories.
  • Performance of on-site condition monitoring tests on cables and cable accessories.
  • Performance of type tests; electrical and non-electrical tests.
  • Performance of tests at high hydrostatic pressures (up to 1000 bars) exposed to both load current and high voltage.
  • Forensic investigations of cables and cable accessories failed in service
  • Design and testing of small cable models designed to replicate high voltage cables.
  • Third party verification in large cable projects for utilities and offshore companies.


  • SINTEF has laboratories and equipment for testing of AC and DC cables; both for electrical and non-electrical material tests.
  • Our laboratories are equipped with pressure vessels where hydrostatic and other pressurized tests can be performed; both on small scale models and on full size cables and cable accessories (test objects exposed to both load current and high voltage during the pressure tests).
  • We have also test equipment for on-site condition monitoring tests on cables and cable accessories.

Electrotechnical laboratories

Electrotechnical laboratories

SINTEF Energy Research operates laboratories for high voltage, high power and climatic testing. Customers are manufacturers, suppliers and users of electric power equipment.